"... I also benefited from the fact that Mike was once a contractor."

"Bought a home in Los Altos Hills in 2015. I not only greatly benefited from Mike's market and local knowledge but I also benefited from the fact that Mike was once a contractor. As we walked around homes, he would answer my questions on moving walls, expanding windows, adding roofline, etc and provided a pretty accurate estimate of cost."

Ana  |  Buyer

"I was blown away when the actual listing was posted ..."

"After we agreed to work with the Monta Loma team, I had the fortunate pleasure to meet Mike Sutton. I remember a cold and raining Saturday morning in December and Mike was right on time for our appointment at the house we were planning to sell. A quick walk through and around the home allowed him to size it up. He had already been briefed about possible updates from Shelly Potvin (another Monta Loma Team member). Based on that first meeting and the interview with Shelly, I handed over a key to Mike and let him take over - arranging various contractors, inspectors and service workers to come in and provide bids for the update work. Within three days, Mike provided me with estimates and we launched the effort to get the house readied for sale. That next weekend, I made an early morning stop over to drop off checks for the contractors and the house was already in process of the estate sale. The next time I saw the home, it was an initial photos for the listing. New interior and exterior paint, new carpet throughout and some other dress ups were completed. All the third party inspections were completed and disclosure statements prepared. Mike was essential in the contractor management and timing the crews. Did I mention some external landscaping as well? It was a complete package. I was blown away when the actual listing was posted – it was hard to even recognize the old home. I emailed the link to many of my cousins and other relatives and they were as stunned by the fabulous work executed by Mike and the Monta Loma Team. Again, it was an actual pleasure working with Mike and having the entire project succeed. In addition, my family has two new friends, Mike Sutton and Shelly Potvin."

Brian Smith  |  Seller

"Michael Sutton went all out for us ..."

"He was able to meet with us immediately and incorporated all our preferences into a search for our condo. He is extra knowledgeable about the area, having lived here most of his life. I appreciated his background as a general contractor when evaluating the quality of construction, as well as his willingness to drive us around on tours of neighborhoods and wherever else we needed to go. Perhaps most importantly, he and his wife, Shelly Potvin, are very connected in local real estate networks, which ultimately was crucial in us being the winning bid with twelve offers. We were pleasantly surprised at the in-depth techniques and strategies they used to help us buy our new home even though we were not the highest offer. We highly recommend Michael."

Claire & Michael  |  Buyers

"Michael is an outstanding agent!"

"We interviewed several real estate agents but quickly realized Michael was unbeatable in what he had to offer. Outstandingly well-organized from the very beginning to the very end in all aspects of the house preparation and sale process. His proven track record in Mountain View speaks for itself. Michael was able to manage every challenge, no matter if small, large, foreseeable, or spontaneously popping up. We were lucky enough witness how he was able to make it all happen."

Conny & Holger  |  Sellers

"He fought for us and tried his best to maximize our benefit."

"I got to know Mike because his precious client recommended him. Both I and my husband are super grateful for having him as our agent. He is the most responsible, diligent, efficient and honest realtor I have ever heard of. He did much more than just the tedious processes and paperwork that all realtor will do.

First of all, Mike was a contractor for many years, so when he took us to a home tour, he shared his honest opinion about how well the houses were built, how to improve some less desired area and how much it will cost. He is also very knowledgeable of the market and bidding strategy. It took only 12 hours to get our first offer at a reasonable price we are comfortable with accepting. Amazing! He fought for us and tried his best to maximize our benefit. I will definitely recommend him to any of my close friends who are trying to buy a home in bay area."

Huiyue L.  |  Buyer

"My home sold in less than 2 weeks ..."

"Michael did a stellar job prepping and selling my home in Redwood Shores. What I especially appreciated is that he provided detailed sales prep and marketing plans at our first meeting and a turn-key solution throughout the sales process. He provided someone to help me sort and pack for my move and, using his General Contractor background, brought in and managed several trades-people to prepare my home for the market. This really set him apart from the competition. After the sorting and packing was completed, I did not need to do anything else. In fact, I was out of town during the whole rest of the sale process! My home looked great and the buyers thought so too - my home sold in less than 2 weeks. I highly recommend him as he absolutely does much more than just sell your home!"

Judy Horn |  Seller

"... he draws upon a large network of other professionals to provide input and consultation or work as needed."

"Michael is a real pleasure to work with, and in addition to his realtor and contractor experience--the latter of which is invaluable as you look at a house's structure and need to read between the lines to see what expenses might lie beneath the staging and new paint--he draws upon a large network of other professionals to provide input and consultation or work as needed. We had a tricky situation, and still Michael was able to get us into our house."

Kathy Craig |  Buyer

"I can't recommend Mike highly enough."

"We were so lucky to meet Mike and use his services both to sell our condominium and buy a new home! Both sides of the process went smoothly and we are very happy with how both transactions worked out. We were cautious to look for a new home before selling our existing condo, but we found a home that we fell in love with and through Mike's advice and support, we purchased our dream home in this crazy market. Then, to top it all off, Mike was able to get us a record price for our condo, all cash, with a seven-day close. I can't recommend Mike highly enough. I have had previous experiences with real estate agents that were negative, and the difference Mike made to the transactions was priceless."

Mike & Sam |  Sellers & Buyers

"Mike is an amazing agent and wonderful friend!"

"He truly gives his all to his clients. Sometimes at clients' request, he teams up with his brilliant wife, Shelly Potvin and then you get the best of all worlds for buying and selling in the Bay Area. For our listing in Los Altos Hills, it was a joint effort and I remember the night before our house became active Mike personally spending hours of hard labor helping us grind in and get our home ready for the open house. He's a great guy and has a good eye for investing. As a Los Altos native, he knows all of the ins and outs of the area and can be a wonderful guide if you're looking to relocate or make a change. Highly recommended!"

Morgan & Rustan

John & Jane breafly describe their experince working with Mike Suttonand his wife Shelly Potvin. Together they are a well oild machine!